Why do immigrants leave Canada? Canada Immigration.

Why do immigrants leave Canada? Canada Immigration.

Why do immigrants leave Canada? Canada Immigration.

Hello everybody how you doing. I want to discuss a few points about Why do immigrants leave Canada? Canada Immigration. Canada yes it did happen but put up a fence he went back to India last month. Award in 2017 but now he read back so I’ll discuss few points by immigrants actually leave kind up so that when you come over here the light expectations.

Once you go over your you settle down and you never go back. Why I want to tell you that to this post. I don’t want to be more debate, anyone, I know I would get comments like what do you will be reading people. why are you living with them?

I don’t you will back to home country guys my more invention by a motive is not to be more to it, anyone, my intentions only this to make you guys aware is to help you guys get to count up is to help you guys. Make a smooth transition for the home country Dreamland.

But as they’re 2 sides of a coin. You know they are good points on their points about being in Canada. So it’s my duty to make you guys up there all of the points. Okay, so the question is does it actually happened immigrants actually leave Canada. So the answer is yes immigrants don’t leave Canada.

So things might not work as planned the reason behind it might be 7 the first reason why it’s actually if good is. So not everybody finds the job that they’re looking for. Everybody even finds the job which you actually want so. Times it happens.

Things to Get a Good Job.

You come here the big dreams no you’re working in a multinational company in their home country. Sometimes you don’t get the decide jobs that you were actually looking for so, for example, I did know someone who actually came as a software engineer over here.

he was he needed as a blocked off you know extras in the system he was he for around 15 months. But he just couldn’t find the job that he wanted and now his funds for getting exhausted he was kind of doing some survival jobs.

But did not all happy with those shops. Because he was like I didn’t game here to do that no don’t show up. No job is small this is the biggest learning that you should learn from this. We do see then back to India again working in and then see in India and is quite happy he tried doing an experiment it didn’t work.

But let me tell you that this does happen. if you’re coming to conduct the is a John stocked you might not get the job yes. The land of opportunities. But it might be a case that you don’t get the jobs. Asians are the key to friends if you think that you’ve got.

The very first-week rate last month it might not be possible and my message through this with you is to do not get the more. Do it if you’re getting or not getting a job in the first few months even. So this is the first thing. The second point by transaction you’ve got a sometimes is also related to jobs.

Sometimes what happens is you’re looking for a very good position end up your home country. To get the job in your desired you to get the job that you’re actually looking for. You don’t get the position but you actually you think. Or you might not get the Sunday.

Which you were actually looking for that you were expecting. When you were thinking of him getting to kind of job. So sometimes it happens god does someone who’s looking in their home country like manager come over here doesn’t get a manager’s job as an administrator.

The job in his field. But the job is not docked influential or start hyping job so that is another reason why sometimes people get demotivated. I think our life was better in our home country so we should go back to the home country. So let’s say someone was an I. D. I do call I’d be every time.

Because I will get IT so I understand this industry quite a bit better. So sometimes let that say that you don’t you’re looking and motherhood was you know project manager over there. You go over you with your job but then you don’t find a job.

All 4 until you do find a job for the lead but not for a manager.

So you might feel about the Middle. I was working as a manager. But their life is quite bad in my home country. The outcome of the yellow it always sacrifices kid I was up to so much of it off so many of them to but even then I’m not getting the job but I wanted soul.

Again my message to you would be very clear that patience is the key. Here in Canada Canadian work experience is given a lot of importance. It is not a myth it is a fact for short. If you don’t have the Canadian look experience that there’s a chance that your employer might exploit that situation.

They know about your in a desperate need of a job so they might give you a lower base skill they might give you a lower designation. What I would suggest to the lab which is a big game the comedian look experience will want me over in the hall and then obviously.

You can see a switch to another organization. Once you have the Canadian work experience. Then you have a lot to gain so that big from these 2 points would be getting a job. If even if not getting a job in a desire for you doesn’t like the job so at least in your funds.

I’m not getting exhausted don’t spend too much sometimes. It happens that you don’t you come over your use tools such a luxurious life. In your home in the home country. You come over not used to living in a smaller space. So give up some of the luxuries no job is considered a small.

You can get like survival job you could look at McDonald’s you can look in any store and maybe to Martin’s anywhere and you’ll get a good solid read not a good solvent at least you would be able to survive in the salary and keep looking for a job in your field.

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