The Newborn’s Does We Need Mediclaim Policy


The Newborn’s Does We Need Mediclaim Policy

Before the birth of a child, parents start making financial plans for them. Some parents also consider taking a Medi claim policy for the infant. Let’s know the essential things about this

Can a newborn get a separate health policy

It is not possible to get a personal health cover for a newborn. But the child can be added with your existing family floater or group health insurance policy.

What is the minimum age?

The baby cannot be added to the health cover immediately after birth, because the early days after birth are considered to be very risky. Insurance companies usually allow it after 90 days. Age ranges may vary for different insurance companies.

Take cover from the beginning

Some companies ensure the motherhood a newborn from the first day under the benefit or extra cover

How to apply?

You need to apply to add the child to your existing health policy. This can be done every year in the form laid down by the insurance company with necessary documents at the time of renewal. If the insurer agrees to cover the child from the first day, then the company should be notified within one week of the birth of the child.

Which Documents Needed?

Documents related to birth like copies of birth certificates, maternity discharge card and any medical condition of the child at the time of birth should be provided. For cashless cards issued by the insurer, a newborn photo may also be required.

Premium will increase

When you connect your newborn with an existing health policy, then you have to be ready for a revised premium too. Insurance Company will revise the premiums revised.

Things to keep in mind

The medical cover given to newborns of different companies can be different. Some vaccinations cover the charge, while others also cover congenital disorders.
It is important to consider the fees, terms and offers of cover when deciding on health cover.

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