Lawyer search for solving the legal problem.


Lawyer search for solving the legal problem.

Lawyer Search started services such as documentation, copyright, VAT and service tax registration as well as income tax filing for entrepreneurs setting up businesses.

Hrishikesh Datar was studying at the National Law School in Bangalore when he first tasted entrepreneurship: he started selling tea bets. Since then, 29-year-old Datar has come a long way. Datar has started a company which helps in solving legal problems in business.

When Datar was presenting the business idea in an educational forum, a person asked him why it is so difficult to find a lawyer online, while other professionals are easily found. Just this question gave Datar the idea of ​​developing an automated online platform for legal services.

In September 2011, he founded Lawyer search. The aim was to make legal procedures easier for the common man and business. The business started as a web portal to fix appointments between lawyers and people across the country. After this, facilities like rentals and employment agreements started here.

This company wanted to focus on business and Datar took some time to understand which service is right for different businesses. Choosing the right product mix is ​​the most difficult decision for a startup.

A few months later, Lawyer Search started services such as documentation, copyright, VAT and service tax registration as well as income tax filing for entrepreneurs setting up businesses.

Datar said, “Initially entrepreneurs and businessmen were looking for cheap and easy online legal solutions. With the help of our customers and in-house experts, we started advising them and started shaping our online platform for legal solutions.

Now apart from Chennai, the company also has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. LawyerSearch currently offers many services such as starting a business, government registration, filing, accounting, documentation, and legal compliance.

The packages have been kept from 899 to 50000 rupees according to the need of the customers. Datar said, ‘We have the most company and trademark registration. Apart from this, there are works like accounting packages for Annual Compliance and private limited companies. At present, lawyer search is helping 300 companies every month.

Started from private capital of around five lakh rupees, the company’s first year (2011-12) earned only two lakh rupees. In the year 2015 -16, this company earned 12 crores. Datar said, “There is a 100 percent increase in earnings every year.”

Now the number of people working in the company has increased from five to 175. The lawyers, who won the Ritz Entrepreneurship Award in 2015, are also eyeing investors. In February 2015, it received an investment of six crore rupees from Kallari Capital while on March 2016 it received an investment of 11 crore rupees from Kallari and Dr. Aggarwal Group.

Regarding the challenge from the online legal advice site, Datar said, ‘We are the only site that is providing complete legal help to the business. It also includes accounting, payroll solutions and compliance packages to help run the business. This makes us stand out in the crowd.

AdvocateSearch has recently launched the Practice Management App Libra. This is expected to help lawyers and small law firms in a lot of work besides case management, billing, accounting management, and court schedules.

AdvocateSearch has recently launched a pay-roll service and for this, the company is thinking about expanding into Business 2 consumer mode. At present, the B2C service of lawyer search is providing facilities like will drafting, rent agreement, answering legal notices and gift deed. To increase this, the company is planning to make it a completely legal and allied services platform in the year 2017.

Datar said, ‘Our effort is that when a person needs a lawyer /CA/company secretary, he comes to our site and he can find all the solutions to his problems here.

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Lawyer search for solving the legal problem.
Lawyer search for solving the legal problem.


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