Oppo Realme Three New Apps

Oppo Realme Three New Apps

Hey, what’s up everybody Welcome to Technology Master. Today we are going to show you Oppo Realme Three New Apps. These Apps are amazing. These apps support almost all oppo & realme phones. You can easily set up these apps. I will provide a download link at the end of this post. You can download the app from there.

First App For Searching Your Favorite Apps.

It’s like I have lots of apps on my phone. Sometimes it takes time to find our favorite app. With this app, you can find your app easily. Just install it & place its icon on your phone home screen. Now when you want your favorite app just tap its first letter it will show you all apps starting with that letter.

Oppo Realme Three New Apps

You can also search for contact with this app. Just enable contact search in the setting of this app. This is a really simple & nice app.

Second App is a Amazing Launcher.

This is really a Unique Launcher. Which works with gyroscopic sensor & provide you a unique glossy shine effect. It has lots of effects like these. You can easily customize this launcher.

Just download the app & install it. To add more shiny shortcuts in the home screen just tap-hold on the home screen then tap on add to the home screen. Then tap on groups Select which material you want. It has lots of materials. You can modify the material as you want. You can add a shortcut on your material.

Oppo Realme Three New Apps

Just tap & hold on the home screen. Then tap on add to home screen then tap on application. Add your app & drag your app on the material. You can create material like this. This looks amazing. You can try by yourself.

Third App is a Edge Bar.

This app looks fantastic. You can use lots of shortcuts in this app. You will also get the colorful edge lighting in this app. It looks exactly like the Samsung s8 edge bar. When you open the app it will ask for permissions. Give it all the permissions. Here is the app interface. Let’s set up this app.

Enable the Edge screen. You can enable the Edge lighting from here. You can also change the color width & time of this edge lighting feature. Here you can get rounded corners. You can also change its color & radius.

Oppo Realme Three New Apps

Here you will get notch like iPhone x or you can use these new foreheads. They also look good. Let’s check how it looks. Here is the Edge bar. Which looks amazing.

Here are the Download Links.

  1. Favorite Apps :-
  2. Amazing Launcher :-
  3. Edge Bar :-

So yeah guys that’s the Oppo Realme Three New Apps. Hope You Liked it. Do Share This Post & Visit or social sites for more content.

You Can Also watch our Video About These Three Apps.

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