Oppo Realme Hide Notch

Oppo Realme Hide Notch

Hey, what’s up everybody Welcome to Technology Master. Today we are going to show you Oppo Realme Hide Notch. If you have any phone with a notch you already know that there is no option to hide the notch. So after lots of research.

We have found a way to hide the notch in Oppo & Realme Phones. With this app, you can also enable rounded corners under the status bar. Which looks amazing. With this app, the phone looks perfect.

These Are Supported Models.

Oppo a5s, Oppo f9 pro, Oppo f9, Oppo a5, Oppo a7, Oppo A9, Oppo A3s, Oppo R17 pro, Oppo K1, Realme 2, Realme 2 pro, Realme 3, Realme 3 pro, Realme U1, Realme C1, Realme C1 2019, Realme C2.

I will provide the download link at the end of this post. You can download the app from there. You just need to install the app. Now swipe from top to bottom. Expand the toggles panel. Now tap on this option.

Oppo Realme Hide Notch

Here is the hide notch button. Drag it up to enable this toggle. Now tap on this hide notch toggle. It will ask for floating window permission. Give it permission here. Now go back & again tap on hide notch toggle.

Oppo Realme Hide Notch

Your phones notch has been hidden. It works on all apps. To activate the rounded corners. Tap on this app setting notification in the status bar. Now enable rounded corners here. This looks beautiful with rounded corners.

If you have a phone with a notch, If you don’t. You might also be annoyed by having this black bar in the middle of a light-colored status bar. Most of the time.

If this app won’t work you probably want this app. Nacho Notch changes the color of the status bar black while the device is in the portrait mode making it better look with the notch.

If you don’t have a notch, but still want nacho notch black status bar, you can use this app too. It automatically finds the height of your status bar, so you won’t be irritated with too little or too much height or manual sizing.

Here is the Download Link.

Oppo Realme Hide Notch

So yeah guys that’s how Oppo Realme Hide Notch. Do Share This Post & Visit or social sites for more content.

You Can Also watch our Video About Change Look.

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