Oppo Realme Amazing Floating Notification

Oppo Realme Amazing Floating Notification

Hey, what’s up everybody Welcome to Technology Master. Today we are going to show you Oppo Realme Amazing Floating Notification. This app will show floating notification in your oppo & realme phones. Which looks amazing. You can add almost all apps in the notification app. I will show you step by step guide to activate this app.

I will provide the download link in description you can download the app from there.

Here is the app interface. First, give it permissions. Enable this draw over application. Enable it here. Now enable Receive notification. Enable it here. Now Activate this keep service. It will keep service always running in android oreo.

Oppo Realme Amazing Floating Notification

Now go to this notification panel. Here you can hide content on the lock screen. You can enable swipe to dismiss the notification. Change position of notification. You enable rounded corners. Expand size will expand the size of the notification panel. From here you can change its display time. Now go back to general. Tap on favorite applications you can add your apps which you want floating notification.

Oppo Realme Amazing Floating Notification

I am adding WhatsApp & Telegram here. You can also change its color from here. Now the main thing Lock this app in Recent’s. It will not close after clearing the Recent’s. Here it shows floating notification. Which looks amazing. This app will also stop the default notification of color os.

Which is also a great feature. You can remove the notification with the swipe like this. This app works like a charm. This App Will Brings the Galaxy Notification effect to your notification center and adds many customizations so you can make your device stand out.


★Many customizations setting for the user.
Notifications just got simpler, more secure, and more beautiful than ever before. 
We take privacy seriously and we make sure do not store any user data.
★ Favorite application: Display notification from your favorite apps.
★ Block notification: You can temp block notification from which unwanted apps also.
★ Working perfectly on the Lock screen
★ Beautiful Galaxy Notification bubble effect.
★ Supported almost languages.

Here is the Download Link.

Oppo Realme Amazing Floating Notification

So yeah guys that’s the Oppo Realme Amazing Floating Notification. Hope You Liked it. Do Share This Post & Visit or social sites for more content.

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