Oppo & Realme Change Nav Bar

Oppo & Realme Change Nav Bar.

Hey, What’s up Everybody Today We are going to show you how you can change the navigation bar in your oppo & realme phones. This is a really amazing app. You can apply wallpaper on the nav bar. You can also change the color of the nav bar. It will also show us the battery bar inside the nav bar. Which looks awesome.

Oppo & Realme Change Nav Bar
Awesome Nav Bar

First, download the app from the description. Here is the app interface. Tap on the navigation bar. Here it will ask for permissions. Tap on Get started. Tap enable. Enable floating window permission here. Enable on the stylish app here. Go back & tap get started again. Tap enable. Now give it accessibility permission here. Scroll down & enable stylish app permission.

Oppo & Realme Change Nav Bar
You Will Get Three Options Here.

Here you will get three options. Now tap on backgrounds select background for your nav bar. This app has lots of backgrounds. You can apply whichever you want. From here you can change the brightness of the background. Now let’s change button icon. Tap on icons. Now select the icon which you want to apply. Let’s select this.

From here you can add a battery bar. It has to battery styles. You can use whichever you want. Yow the main thing lock this app in recent. It will not close after clearing the Recent’s. This app looks amazing.

StyleBar – Navigation Bar by Stylish

Stylish lets you create your own nav bar on Android with custom settings for the nav bar and weather widget. Its have dozens of styles and different color combinations to add your touch and make your Oppo & Realme phone bottom navigation bar Looks Amazing. 


This will Automatically adjust your navigation bar. Colors to sync with your active app at any given moment. We made auto custom navigation bars for Android happen.


Thanks to StyleBar, With 1% battery level. Now you can see your battery status right at the navigation bar. Battery management just got easier.
Are You Still here? What are you waiting for? Go customize your navigation bar! 


Do you know CSS? IF Yes you’ll be able to create your very own, customized, navigation bar. That’s again thanks to style bars CSS editor. And yes. You’ll be able to share your amazing nav bar creation with other StyleBar users.

Here is the Download Link.

Click To Download The App

So yeah guys that’s how you can change the navigation bar in your oppo & realme phones. Hope You Liked it. Do Share This Post & Visit or social sites for more content.

You Can Also watch our Video About Change the Nav Bar.

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