Oppo F9 Pro-Change Look To Find X


Oppo F9 Pro-Change Look To Find X

Hey, what’s up everybody Welcome to Technology Master. Today we are going to show you how to Oppo F9 Pro-Change Look To Find X. You can change its look to find x. Which looks amazing. It will change dialer, messaging app, file manager, settings & lock screen. This is a really amazing trick.

First I will show you how to download the theme. Just open youtube & goto our video description & find the theme. Tap on it. A new web page will open. Tap on this download button. It will prompt to install the file. Just install it & open it. Tap Allow. wait for it. Then click on this button. It will show a page then tap on it & wait.

How To Download.

Your download page will automatically open in 20 seconds. Here is the page. Download file according to your phone. The f7 theme will work on f9 pro. So tap on this button. Here is the download page download the theme. It will be downloaded in the downloads folder.

Oppo F9 Pro-Change Look To Find X

Now go to setting then app management then tap on show system process. Now find theme store. Tap on storage usage & clear the data of theme store. Now go back & open the file manager. Tap on all files & open downloads folder. Then Tap on this theme file. Tap on allow. Now tap on try now & tap dont keep. Your theme has been applied.

Oppo F9 Pro-Change Look To Find X

It has changed dialer, messaging app file manager settings & lock screen. This theme looks amazing. You can try by your self. More tricks are coming soon.

Here is the Download Link.

Oppo F9 Pro-Change Look To Find X

Download More Themes Here.

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So yeah guys that’s how to Oppo F9 Pro-Change Look To Find X. Hope You Liked it. Do Share This Post & Visit or social sites for more content.

You Can Also watch our Video About Change Look.


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