Oppo F9 Pro New Update


Oppo F9 Pro New Update

Hey, what’s up everybody Welcome to Technology Master. Today we are going to show you how you can get Oppo F9 Pro New Update. As you know F9 Pro is the latest phone by Oppo. It has the latest Color Os 5.2 which has added some new features.

The first oppo has added smart scan feature in Oppo F9 pro. Here is the App icon. With this App, you can copy any text from any image. Just click the photo with this app & tap on recognizing text. It will show you text written on the image here. You can copy the text from here.

Oppo F9 Pro New Update

Let’s Move to The Second Feature.

Oppo has added a new feature called screen brightness compensation. This feature works with face unlock in zero light situation. It will automatically detect low light & make your phone screen brighter to unlock your phone by face unlock.

Now to enable this feature goto setting then fingerprint face & Passcode. Then tap on face & enroll your face first. Now enable this feature. Let me show you this feature in dark areas. Here it makes the screen brighter to unlock the phone with face unlock.

Oppo F9 Pro New Update

Third Feature is to Hide Apps.

This is a really amazing trick. You can hide your favorite apps easily. No one can find your hidden apps. Now first go to settings. Then security. Then the app lock. Enter your privacy passcode. Here are the apps. Tap on enable encryption. Now select your app which you want to hide. I am selecting facebook here. Tap on it. Here is the option to hide the home screen icon. Enable it & it will ask for set access number.

You can set any number. Make sure your access number starts & ends with hash. Like I am selecting this code hash six hash. Tap on done. It will show you warning don’t forget it. Tap Done. After this, you will see new options here. You can also hide the app from recent tasks & hide notifications of the hidden app. Now let’s go back & check the app is hidden or not.

Here facebook has been hidden. No Icon is here. Now open phone dialer & type your access number. Mine was hash six hash. Here it will show our hidden apps. Let’s check the hidden app shows on Recent’s or not. Our app is also hidden here. This built-in feature is really amazing. You can try by your self.

The Fourth Feature is The Newly Added Sidebar.

To activate this go to setting. Then smart & convenient. Then smart sidebar. Enable it here. Here it shows the sidebar which looks amazing. You can add more apps with this plus icon.

Now The Fifth Feature.

You can take long screenshot easily. Just swipe three fingers where you see the long page. Like I am taking this screenshot of youtube app. Swipe three fingers. Tap on the long screenshot. Now swipe up it will keep adding to your screenshot. After adding your screen tap done. It will generate a long screenshot. This is a really amazing feature.

You Can Also watch our Video About Oppo F9 Pro New Update


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