Oppo Amazing Touch Bar


Oppo Amazing Touch Bar

Hey, what’s up everybody Welcome to Technology Master. Today we are going to show you the Oppo Amazing Touch Bar. This is a really amazing app. It will create shortcut over the navigation buttons. Which looks awesome. You can easily access your shortcut by swiping left or right in this app.

This app provides a unique type of features. You can access brightness control, volume control, you can directly search on google by this app. This App can also access notification toggles in this app. You will love this app.

I will provide the download link at the end of This Post. You can download the app from there. When you open the app it will ask for three permissions. First, give it floating window permission. Now give it to the right system setting permission. Third permission is for do not disturb access. Give it permission here.

Here is the App Interface.

Oppo Amazing Touch Bar

Now tap on this play button to activate this app. Here is the shortcut bar. From here this app can minimize on the left side or right side. You can select whichever you want. Now the main thing Lock the app in Recent’s. It will not close after clearing the Recent’s.

Here is the Shortcut App.

Which looks amazing. From here you can control brightness. From here you can control volume. Here you can control alarm volume. You can directly search on google from here. You can access to notification toggles from here. From here you can access the camera, rotation control & lots of other shortcuts. You can try by yourself.

TouchBar for Android is an amazing bottom bar inspired by Apple iOS (Cydia tweak by @Laughing Quoll) that helps users to control settings like:
– Flashlight
– Airplane Mode
– Wifi on/off
– Data
– Bluetooth on/off
– Rotation on/off
– Brightness
– Sound level
– Ring
– Lock screen
– Camera

This App Also offers a Google shortcut to search what you want from the internet. An Amazing button App for apps shortcuts to switch between apps with a single click.

Oppo Amazing Touch Bar

Here is the Download Link.

So yeah guys that’s the Oppo Amazing Touch Bar. Hope You Liked it. Do Share This Post & Visit or social sites for more content.

You Can Also watch our Video About Touch Bar.


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