Oppo Amazing Camera App.

Oppo Amazing Camera App.

Hey, what’s up everybody welcome to Technology Master. Today we are going to show you an awesome camera app with amazing features for oppo phones. With this app, This App will take awesome photos. You can also make amazing videos like changing object color. You can also replace the color with a custom background like this. The most amazing feature of this app is you can use video stabilization in this app. Which are amazing Features.

I will provide the download link at the end of this post. You can download the app from there. Here is the app interface. Now tap on this video icon. You can enable video stabilization from here. You can enable beauty mode from here. It can record video with stabilization & comment down it works for you or not.

Oppo Amazing Camera App.
Amazing App.

Let’s check the second feature. Tap on this magic color icon. This feature will change the color of the selected object. From here you can change color. You can make a color changing video like this. Which looks amazing. You can also change the color of moving an object like I am changing the color of my hand.

Oppo Amazing Camera App.

Now let me show you the most amazing feature which is the blue screen mode. It will remove the selected color & replace it this background. Which looks amazing. Double tap on that color which you want to remove. Here it looks like our phone is floating in the air. You can use it as a green screen camera also. You can create awesome videos with this app.

Oppo Amazing Camera App.

4 Professional Shooting Modes.

Magic Color: Amazing App to change the color of any object, useful in any situation.
Video Mode: You will Experience multiple shooting features opening simultaneously.
Photo Mode: New Various camera lens and filters all in real-time to help you get a good shot.
Blue Screen: Replace any background into a funny picture, or video of your choice.

All Features.

5 Documentary filters 26 camera lens filter and special effects filters
5 Lens Filters (bokeh, tilt-shift, vignette, etc.) 
5 Equipment Filters (spotlight, wide-screen, thermal, etc.)  6 Distortion Filters (perspective correction, fisheye, etc.)
6 Art Filters (paintings, drawings, gouache, etc.) 
5 Weather Filters (reflection, defog, snow, etc.) 44 color filters in real-time
6 Adventure filters 
7 Film filters 
6 Black and white filters
6 Lomo filters
4 Light leakage filters 10 Movie filters

Here is the Download Link.

Hide Notch in Oppo F9 Pro, A3s & Oppo A5.

So yeah guys that’s the awesome camera app with amazing features for oppo phones.

You Can Also watch our Video About Amazing Camera App.

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