How to Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud.


How to Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud.

Hello, my name is Mandeep Singh from north horizon immigration. Welcome to my office. Today I’m going to talk about a very very important issue which is How to Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud. How do you choose the right professional for your immigration application?

Last week a client came to my office and upon talking a little more about his case and what was going on we realized that he was a little bit of a victim of fraud. This means that he went to see somebody who gave them advice that I actually did not help him for his case.

How to Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud.

What put him in a few problems?

Because he started to work when really he didn’t have the authorization to do. So this week I want to talk to you about the importance of choosing the right professional to help you with your immigration process. You want to make sure that you’re going to avoid fraud that you’re not going to do things that are illegal.

Because you will be the one who’s responsible for it and you can be the one who gets into problems with the Canadian government. The first thing you need to know when you’re going to choose a professional to help you is that they have to be either a Canadian lawyer a regulated Canadian immigration consultant.

If you’re going to immigrate to come back. You can also use the services of an orderly. How do you find out if your lawyer or if your immigration consultant has the right license to help you well if it’s a regulated consultant.

You can go on their website and you can find their name and their numbers and you will know if they are active members of the regulatory body. If they’re lawyers they’re usually going to be part of the law society of the province.

Our Advice To You.

They work in and you can do some research about how they’ve dealt with other immigration cases before it is the reviews online that talk about their work can you get in touch with somebody else who’s use their services to know how did it go for them.

The second piece of advice that I can give you is to make sure that you understand what is the immigration program or strategy that is being designed for you and for your family if you have one so that means ask questions to this professional. Make sure that you write down what they tell you.

So that you make sure to follow all the rules and more specifically I understand what you’re doing if the solution sounds a little strange or if it’s too good to be true if it sounds too easy earth. Every time you ask the Diller consultant does you think this is okay.

Do you think this look and I thought oh yeah no problem. But you’ve heard something different somewhere else just sometimes even getting a second opinion with another professional might help you make the best decision in this specific case.

The client went through is that he had a student permit and so he was only allowed to work 20 hours a week. Now I know in a student permit some of you might say you are allowed to work full time during your break on your vacations and that’s true but only if you’re going to study full time.

The next two months that are coming and so in this specific case the person. Wasn’t done studying and so the consultant told them now you can go work full time. But this person didn’t have a work permit the finished their studies and they did not qualify for what’s called a post-graduation work for me.

So the truth is that this person was not allowed to work and they’ve been working full time so for several months. So now we have to go to fix that problem with the government and it could have been avoided very easily by just receiving the right advice.

The third tip that I can give you is to make sure you always have written evidence of the advice that was given to you. That we didn’t get evidence can be in the form of a contract that you signed it can be an email.

where the professionals going to write down the details about what you guys talked about in the conversation. Not the best but sometimes it could be a text message. if you ask him a specific question and the answer you. I wouldn’t think text messaging is the best way for you to communicate with this professional.

But make sure you keep the written evidence of how they answer your questions about what you’re allowed or not allowed to do or the answer your questions about what’s the strategy and the step by step process that you’re going to use for your immigration strategy.

The fourth very important element I touched on it in the previous point is a signed contract. Know what you’re looking at in this contract is to make sure the responsibilities of this professional are laid out you know exactly what the application is going to be.

what they’re going to do for you how much you’re going to pay them and what it is that you’re paying for are you paying for professional fees for the person to the job are you paying for government fees in this specific case the client told me that.

The professional he was working with I asked him to pay the $1000 fee that the company has to pay the government for something called an Ellen my 8 now this is illegal because nobody can pay that fee but to the company so it’s absolutely wrong if a professional is asking you to give the money.

To pay for something that you are not supposed to pay for. So very important to know and all these details should be in the contract another important thing that you have to look at in this contract is who is signing this contract.

is it an agent who sign is it. The actual lawyer or the consultant or the notary of the hearing came back is it you know the employee who works for them is there a signature at all in the contract that I looked at last week with this client nobody else had find it but him and so if you’re the only person signing a contract.

Then you’re having a contract with yourself there’s no one else responsible on the other end of this contract. So you want to make sure that it’s very clear who is the person who is responsible for giving you this the support this immigration advice and who’s going to do your immigration forms an application for you.

My final advice for you is to follow your instinct if you feel like you’re working with the person that you’re always a little bit unsure of what they’re telling you to do or you’re unsure about. What is it that you even do with them or you feel like they’re not treating you fairly.

They’re not is treating you like this is something that Serius for them they’re not taking your life as seriously as they should or if you just feel like maybe they’re giving you advice that’s not that you just don’t trust them. I would highly recommend just don’t work with them.

Especially if you have 0 references of who this person is and if they work with other people before. So that’s all choosing the right professional to help you is extremely serious. When it comes to immigration because the government will not listen to an excuse like well I didn’t know as a way to forgive you for any mistakes.

That you make along the way it is you who are responsible for all the information that is provided to the government for all your actions you’re the one at the end of the day who is accountable for them so make sure you choose the right professional.

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