Hide Notch in Oppo F9 Pro, A3s & Oppo A5.

Hide Notch in Oppo F9 Pro, A3s & Oppo A5.

Hey, What’s up Everybody Today We are going to show you How you can hide the notch in Oppo F9 pro, Oppo A3s & Oppo A5. this is a really amazing app. You can also make rounded corners. This app can also black out your navigation bar. Which looks amazing.

I will provide the download link at the end of this post. You can download the app from there. First, download the app. then swipe down & open the notification panel. Tap here. Here you will get hide notch option. Drag it up here. Press back & tap on this hide notch icon.

Hide Notch in Oppo F9 Pro, A3s & Oppo A5.
Tap on this Hide Notch Button.

Swipe up & give it floating window permission. Press back. Now again swipe down & tap on hiding notch. Here your phones notch has been hidden. Now, this looks so simple let’s add rounded corner & blackout our navigation bar.

swipe down here is your app running tap here. Here you can enable rounded corners both up & down. On the third option, you can black out navigation bar. Which also looks amazing. If you don’t like a blackout navigation bar. You can disable this option.

Here is our phone which looks amazing.

This Looks Amazing.

One most important thing open Recent’s & lock this app. It will not close after clearing the Recent’s. It works on all apps. You can do the same process in a3s & oppo a5. Here I have changed notch in a3s also.

Notch Changed in Oppo A3s.


Don’t open it if you read this. The launcher icon does nothing useful. This app works through the use of a Quick Tile. Add the tile by the notification shade all the way, tap the pencil or “EDIT,” and drag “Hide Notch” to the active area.

Do you probably want this app? Nacho Notch add colors to the status bar black. The device is in the portrait mode, making it better fit with the nacho notch.

If you don’t have a notch, but you still want a black status bar, you can use the nacho notch app too. It finds the height of your status bar, so you won’t be dealing with any problem or finicky manual sizing. It will adjust size according to your phone.

Here is the Download Link.

Hide Notch in Oppo F9 Pro, A3s & Oppo A5.

So yeah guys that’s how you can hide the notch in oppo f9 pro oppo a3s & oppo a5.

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