Have you just bought a car in Canada and the need to buy car insurance but they don’t know how to buy car insurance do you know how to buy car insurance in Canada well in this lesson I’m going to show you Hey if you want more lessons and tips like this.

Cost of Car Insurance in Canada

So actually buying car insurance in Canada is really easy so don’t worry about it if you’re new to Canada it’s pretty easy I’m going to show you how to do it okay probably the easiest way is just to buy the car insurance from your bank Kate like I do I have my car insurance through my bank it costs me about $50 a month.

Every month my bank takes out $50 from my bank account, okay but you could also buy car insurance through any other insurance company as well. okay so it’s your choice and it’s pretty easy just go to their website your bank’s website or the car insurance company’s website and you’ll see something like this there will be a button that says get a car quote.

You don’t want this one this is getting a home quote. I mean if you want to buy home insurance you can go there if you want to buy any other insurance see it says get a quote for another product okay you can buy insurance for anything if you want you can buy insurance for your computer for your cell phone.

I don’t know maybe for anything in your house key personally I just have insurance for my car because here in Canada you have to have insurance for your car it’s mandatory okay so let’s click on get a car quote okay then it says welcome get a quote for your vehicle in Alberta I am in Alberta right now if you’re in a different province like Ontario or Manitoba.

Interest choose wherever you are okay so we pick our location then we put our vehicle information in here what kind of vehicle did you buy well let’s say we bought a 2004 Ford focus 4 door sedan just a normal Ford focus.

So next it’s going to say is is the car owned or leased least means like a long term rental from a company personally I don’t have any experience with leasing a vehicle I’ve always just bought my vehicle bought a used vehicle from a private sale okay so let’s say it’s owned we own the vehicle.

No, this one means owned finance so if it’s like a new vehicle the end you’re making payments on it then you choose this option but in this one let’s just assume we bought a car for $2000 and so we own it Kate so then it’s going to say. Driving distance okay how far do you expect to drive every year.


Which Car Insurance is Best?

Well, let’s think we just want the car for going shopping and doing some simple things we’re not going to drive too much so let’s estimate 5000 kilometers a year, okay so we choose that he’s in addition to personal you select if the vehicle will also be used for business for commuting.

Or both okay so business or commuting so let’s say it may be for a student or were working commuting means you’re going every day to your school or your job so let’s say let’s choose commuting okay. Then it says anti-theft features did you install any anti-theft features on the vehicle Kate did you install any special alarm systems.

Anything to protect the vehicle from being stolen no let’s say we didn’t we just have we have the basic vehicle okay. Coverage starts to date when do you want your coverage to start well let’s say today 3/11/2018 which is today okay then tell us about yourself, okay you put your first name your last name maybe some other information about yourself.

Like your birthday okay are you a male or a female let’s say let’s assume because I’m doing it I’m a male Gail put mail a single common law married single I’m single now common law means when people are living together like a girlfriend and boyfriend if they’re living together but they’re not married.

Then they live together for a long enough time then they become common law it’s like they’re married but they’re not really married okay so it’s sort of a category we have in Canada I’m not sure how about your country do you have this category of relationship status in your country.

In Canada we have single married common-law divorced people if people are different but if they’re divorced then they’re single right so that’s why there are only 3 options here okay driving history have you had any tickets in the last 3 years don’t include parking tickets get parking tickets are not important have you had any speeding tickets.

Have you had any other problems with the police where they’ve given you a ticket let’s say no because for good drivers right what’s your driver’s license suspended in the last 15 years suspended means taken away did they did they did they take away your license us out at some point in the last 15 years maybe you did something really bad.

And they said okay we’re suspending your license you can’t drive for 6 months well let’s say no we’re good drivers right so next we might see something like this Kate claims history have you made any auto claims in the last 10 years, okay a claim is when you go to your insurance company and you say I need money, okay something happened.

And I need the money that’s a claim have you made any claims in the last 10 years nope okay so we choose that and then well we’re pretty much done here is our monthly premium Kate $64.67 per month that’s what we have to pay them equal $776 a year, okay then there’s a phone number here call us to purchase.

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