Buying Your First Car in Canada


Buying Your First Car in Canada

Well, you guys today I’m going to tell you both buying your first car in Canada my car is very important unless you’re in Toronto. Where you have public transport accessible everywhere.

My wife is running three-dot two thousand fifteen and two thousand twelve Subaru Impreza so for a car sold to the three were used and one is a new car that he purchased and I have experience will buy a new car.

Buying Your First Car in Canada

Sold cars only made money on the first car I lost money on my second car and I will teach you the tricks of the trade and hope to get the car to hope you get the glute first car in Canada to let’s start we need to know number one insurance history in Canada once you come to Canada you don’t have any insurance history so it when you’re buying the car.

You will also need an insurance to drive it so insurance in Canada he’s a devil it’s really expensive it’s really expensive so if you’re buying, for example, a car and you are under twenty-four years old if you could be double the price if you’re older than twenty-four years old it would be like coffee price.

Would be a regular price for with your do as the twenty-four they’re expecting you to speed and do all sorts of nonsense as a kid well drive and that’s why they’re charging you more and insurance is it tricky thing in Canada number one once you landed.


It’s a good thing if you can take your insurance history from your country so get some documents from your insurance company saying that you have been insured for these many years in your life.

This is going to help you a lot in Canada if you can only of course of insurance companies going to take it and use that history so insurance histories of such a thing that it says that these many years you have been insured by a company this many claims you have done and this is how much they’re going to charge it.

So the better insurance Keister you have the cheaper your insurance is going to be in Canada, of course, is the insurance he’s company is going to accept that he’s three but I suggest you do have it so if you are going to come to Canada, for example, let’s say an ordinary person would say what state.

Just number old over there are so many things that influence the number to let’s see Person who has ten-fifteen years of insurance history in Canada you spend one hundred dollars for their insurance hundred and fifty for example when you come to can be you’re going to be three hundred you’re going to be double.

Because you have no insurance history so if you can bring at least some document your insurance history at least some document with your driving history you can give it to an insurance company get your insurance done so these things you have to know in Canada number two credit history.

Credit History.

Credit history is something that you’re new to Canada. They don’t have your credit history they don’t know how you are they don’t know they can give you money or they can trust to get severe cold works in Canada but what I’m telling you is this if you’re new to Canada you don’t have a credit history.

I’m going to make a separate post on credit history and how to build it but when I’m trying to say is the interest rates for example if he’s created history was. Better you’ve been wondering can that it would be easier for you and cheaper to buy a car because the credit history would be better and you also need to know the challenges.

Children just would be the following you are in your country you don’t know who to trust you to know what to do he for example if you don’t have any friends or relatives would take you around these are going to be your challenges do you find a car for example somewhere where you want to buy only one to go to a dealership.

You gonna public transport and you’re going to be making rash decisions don’t make restitution the seasons it’s very important when you’re buying the car in Canada but it’s really difficult not to because you are in you you don’t know you you need a car and you,

For example, take public transport you spend one hour going somewhere you saw a car and you didn’t like it you went to another person. you spend another hour and this way you just keep on driving at the same time we need to be working or doing something else thanks a lot of your time.

If you have a friend, for example, to know if you can take you around it would be awesome but if you do not this is the challenge and swore to walk walking and also stress because you don’t know know how to do that and who to trust.

Why new car versus Old car where to buy.

And how to buy a new car is a good choice you got the new car it’s brand new it’s going to be awesome because it’s not going to break down. it has a warranty has a service pass everything I of course supported by a new car and it’s an amazing thing if you can afford it but you have to know certain things number one if you can go buy a new car.

For cash you would have to take a little now the challenges are coming because you’re new to Canada as a set interest rates are going to be high so buying a new car you’re going to take a beagle you would have to pay if the longer and it would be higher interest for example if your I’m just saying to gain an old as cells person who knows those interest rates but for example.

If I’m buying the car and they have a good credit history it would be for example maybe three percent for you it’s going to be probably about five or six percent for.

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