Best Personal Loan Companies (2019)


Best Personal Loan Companies (2019)

If you’re looking for a personal loan online. Then definitely read this post. because I needed one of my own life and through a lot of research. I found a few that are worth considering that I want to share with you guys. I will be covering the pros and cons of each of the different Best Personal Loan Companies (2019).

companies so that you can know for yourself if it’s worth getting one or not and if you just found this website I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of posts on different topics that’ll give your life and your finances more value.

Best Personal Loan Companies (2019)

Loan Types.

If you want to but now let’s just start talking about personal loans before I start talking about all the different loan companies I do want to talk about personal loans in general first so just be patient here because I want you to be more informed.

So basically, if you need money for debt consolidation home improvements or medical bills then I would definitely consider looking into a person they’re not an excuse for not saving up for big expenses but sometimes you might need a lot of money faster than you can actually save it up because I had a huge yard project.

That had to get done by a certain date and so I had no other choice than to look into different personal loan so that I could actually get the job done on time there’s a ton of things that qualify for personal loans but please just be responsible with them because they’re not the cheapest loans and I only want you to look for them.

If you have no other choice trust me getting out of credit card debt is probably a much better reason to get a personal loan and to take a vacation with one but that’s just my opinion and if you book a company for a wedding and they have better financing then a personal loan.

Would then just obviously go with the wedding company instead because that’s in your best interest now if you search for best personal loans on the internet you’re gonna find 50 different companies all competing for your business and to be honest a lot of the big companies don’t even have the best rates and terms

I don’t like to pay more than I have to for anything and with personal loans there are just way too many to choose from but I did find different things that you can look for through the research I did I noticed that a lot of the big lenders charge 5 percent origination fee on the total of the loan to value.

Which is a total rip off because if you’ve got a $20000 loan with a 5 percent origination fee then you’re instantly just going to be losing 1000 Bucks and what this means is that from day one you’re only. Gonna have $19000 on your $20000 loan which is just a total waste of money but there are a lot of lenders.

That don’t charge origination fees and those are the only ones that I’m gonna be talking about so just be aware that even some of the biggest lenders out there that look really good like prosper and lending club they charge origination fees so just watch out for those and then if anything out there sounds too good to be true.

Watch out because it is there’s a lot of loan scams out there so I want you guys to be well aware that they do exist and they prey on social media sites so just be careful so if you guys see any comments on this video that have a phone number or an email disregard them 100 percent because they’re just fishing for information and they’re not real.

I’ll try my best to delete all of them but if you guys do find any of those types of comments just disregard them 100 percent and don’t follow any of their instructions now finally here the top personal loan companies I’d recommend looking into right now and thank you so much for being patient the first lender.

On my list of personal loans is called Marcus by Goldman Sachs and they have a really good personal loans Marcus advertises that they don’t charge any fees and on top of that they’ve currently got rates that start at just under 7 percent and then go all the way to 25 percent.

They let you borrow between 3500 and $40000 and then you can pay them back between 36 to 72 months which is really good Marcus does require you to select the purpose for the loan which is totally normal but they’ve got a lot to choose from just keep in mind with personal loans every single category is going to have different rates.

Because you can’t expect medical bills to have the same rate as a vacation but usually they are going to be pretty close to each other and understand the all the rates listed in this video can change over time so if you’re watching this video a long time after I published it just keep in mind that the rates can be different.

Just based on the prime rate in different factors like that honestly they don’t change that much over a few years so most of the information should stay pretty accurate for a long time now obviously you’ve got to have really good credit to qualify for the best rates with Marcus but just keep in mind that they do accept fair credit applications.

As well so if your credit. It’s not that good then Marcus is a pretty good loan to look into so if you want to get a personal loan with bad credit then I definitely recommend going with Marcus because they don’t charge any fees unlike a lot of the other guys most of the lenders out there won’t even accept your application.

If you’ve got bad credit and that’s where Marcus can come in handy but just keep in mind that they do have rates that are as high as 25 percent which is really high so if you really do get a 25 percent rate with Marcus and I would definitely reconsider and look into some other loans.

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