How to Get CHEAP Car Insurance


How to Get CHEAP Car Insurance

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s post. so today I’m going to be giving you guys some life hacks on how to get cheap car insurance for the first time you get your car insured. I mean do you need a black box should you get about books is a colon. It will be answered here.

The Most Important Thing.

So I think the first and the most important thing to you on-site is kind of important to make sure you get like an insurance friendly call. So that would be a call with a small engine a call that isn’t too old also isn’t brown. I’m one that’s not really like a super expensive make.

So yeah that’s the main points to the kind of consideration when buying your first car. Because of the type of car you have really does contribute to how much your insurance is going to be. If you’ve gotten insurance friendly call. I just kind of make that time up I think but yeah.

How to Get CHEAP Car Insurance

If you got insurance friendly call then you’re more likely to get cheap insurance. So the next step would be to look up the price comparison website. I mean there are so many out there and they kind of help you look at the guidelines of what the prices will be when insuring your car.

So yeah it’s just a tape to have a look at those also check out some insurance brokers. I actually got mine my first car insurance from an insurance broker. So yeah they got me the best deal they could possibly find so next up on tips to get your car insurance cheap.

Some small lifestyle changes can actually help to make your car insurance cheaper. First, one being brought some parking a car on the right pocket. When you drive if you’ve got one or in a garage, if you’ve got one is even better next up.

I’m someone’s lots of driving experience and someone who doesn’t have that many claims or any recent claims if possible on to your insurance premiums. So whether that be a parent camera partner someone I got back and help to bring the price of your insurance down.

Next up trying not usual coffee what because obviously the more you drive your car all day. Just conditions like rush hour both ways to welcome from what sorry about that was that was my dog. But yeah driving to what does add up you’ll and add to the cost of your insurance policy.

Because obviously they know that you’re driving in more dangerous conditions next up to try and would you show mileage. So the more you gonna be on the road the more that an all going to charge you because that you’re more at risk of a crash try and increase your access.

So if you’re willing to pay 300 pounds access road for the 150 or something then you know that will make your policy a bit cheaper and also the dreaded black box. Consider getting a black box for some companies to call.

I actually did have a black box for my first year of driving and honestly it wasn’t that bad to tow it monitored my speed my breaking my cornering and I can’t remember what else the before things.

We think honestly is save me about 300 pounds to the cheapest non black box policy and actually didn’t hinder my driving experience to I didn’t have any curfews.

I didn’t have any times where it was dangerous for me to drive at certain times are called 9 people with that black box maybe 4 years ago.

I tuned not really be allowed to drive between 10:00 PM and 6 I am like sometimes you need to drive between those hours. So yeah I didn’t have any kind of fees or anything like that literally all I had to do was drive safely fund drive straight safely.

I would get like good marks out 0 & wait for my insurance would actually go down each cool to up my insurance co-chief. Because I drive well I mean it’s important to say if you drive badly. Your insurance is going to go up and also you might actually even get taken off that policy.

If you’ll let Brady re horrific and then you would never insurance and That’s just not good is it. Yeah, I honestly drug-free safety I drive well and I have now no claims bonus or whatever you call it so I like that looks good to me and also the next time I apply for insurance.

So that was my second year which I’m currently own it was about 400 pounds cheaper and I don’t have a black box. So you know it is really really good it is definitely worth looking into a black box. Looking at the conditions of the black box with the company that you’re going for.

But the one I had really really wasn’t limiting. I mean sometimes it was painful going at 20 miles per hour. Like because every taking you calls coming right behind you. Because teaching you but it’s going to be done is the role technically so you know it is not that bad.

It really isn’t so if we can help you get cheaper insurance. One okay for about books, okay so that is it for today’s would you guys are ready hi this is being helpful.

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