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Oppo Realme Two Amazing Apps


Oppo Realme Two Amazing Apps

Hey, what’s up everybody Welcome to Technology Master. Today we are going to show you Oppo Realme Two Amazing Apps. These apps are awesome. I will Show you one live wallpaper app & one Shortcut app. You can download them both easily.

First App.

You can set flash or any other activity on a single tap. It can open any app or shortcuts with this app. You can also use double tap feature in this app. It works like a charm. Here is the app interface. Enable fingerprint gesture here. Here are the gesture types single tap or double tap.

Oppo Realme Two Amazing Apps

The third one is not working for me you can try if it works do comment in this video. Let’s set a single tap to activate the flash. It will turn on flash on a single tap on the fingerprint sensor. On double tap, I am selecting facebook. It will open facebook on a double tap on the fingerprint sensor. Here you can set it to use only registered fingerprints.

Means it will only work with your fingers which you use to unlock the phone. You can change the double tap delay time here. I am selecting 600ms here. that all the settings. Now lock the app in recent. it will not close the app after clearing Recent’s. Now let’s check how it works. It works like a charm. You can try by your self.

Oppo Realme Two Amazing Apps

Second App.

This App has tons of wallpapers. You can also find your wallpaper from category. This app will not use lots of battery. Here is the app interface. Which is simple & clean. Here are the popular wallpapers. Here are the tags. Tap on any wallpaper it will show you preview here.

Oppo Realme Two Amazing Apps

You can download wallpaper from here. Let’s download this wallpaper. It will take a few seconds to download. Tap here to tap on this dynamic wallpaper preview. Tap Apply. Your wallpaper has been applied. this looks amazing. Let me show you some more wallpapers. This app has some cool looking wallpapers. All wallpapers are high-quality ones.

Oppo Realme Two Amazing Apps

Here is the Download Links.

So yeah guys that’s the Oppo Realme Two Amazing Apps Hope You Liked it. Do Share This Post & Visit or social sites for more content.

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